We make it easy to charter
a plane and save lives


Doobert Air’s mission is to fly as many animals on lifesaving
flights to eliminate the sad fate animals have in overcrowded shelters.

dog in a cage

Animal transport
saves lives

Moving homeless animals from areas of pet overpopulation to areas where there is a shortage of adoptable animals is one of the clear solutions to solving pet overpopulation issues in the United States. While most animal transport is done via long-distance driving,
air travel is the fastest, most efficient, and comfortable way for shelter animals to be re-homed in other parts of the country.

Doobert Air handles each
request with urgency

As we know time wasted can mean lives lost. Our goal is to make sure you’re making the biggest impact you can while we handle the coordination and details of flight planning on your behalf.

girl holding a dog

Want to work with Doobert Air?

Send us an email and tell us your needs. We can’t wait to connect and help support your mission!